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Rising Tide Capital
June 21, 2019

With the 2019 RISE: The Challenge (formerly known as The Start Something Challenge) now open, we caught up with last year’s champions, including java and Michelle Bradley, the co-owners of Java’s Compost. Last year, Java took home the $5,000 Sustainability sector prize, and since then the Bradley family hasn’t stopped.

Why did you start your business? What was your passion?

We started our business because we realized there was no convenient and easy way for people to compost their food scraps and we wanted to create a service that would accomplish that.

Where is your business now? Any new updates?

After two years of setting up customers with their own backyard composting systems and providing education and a weekly service to recycle their food scraps in their backyards, we have just launched our residential and commercial pickup service.

How has the Start Something Challenge (Now RISE) helped your business? (What did you learn? How did you use the grant?)

The Start Something Challenge gave us a reason to reflect back on where we started and how far we’ve come. It also helped us to narrow down on our mission and goals and forced us to get comfortable communicating those to a large number of people!

What was your most memorable experience from the Start Something Challenge?

Most memorable part was meeting all the other entrepreneurs and being able to support one another during the live pitches.

Would you encourage other entrepreneurs to participate? Why?

Yes for sure! As it says in the name, it’s a challenging experience and will cause you to stretch yourself out of your comfort zone but it will enable you to grow personally and professionally.


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