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The Start Something Challenge – Food

Tatyerra Spurlock
July 20, 2018


The Impact of Food Entrepreneurs 

The number of undernourished people on the planet dropped by almost half over the past two decades because Food Entrepreneurs are creating access to sufficient and nutritious food all year round.


  Karla Jimenez | Caidos del Cielo Bakery

I contribute to the health of those with special diets through my vegan & allergen-free cakes & desserts. I make decadent, yet allergen-free desserts, possible!


  Abe Dickerson | Abe Foods

I’m on a mission to change the food landscape in the inner city, to make eating healthy affordable, but also fun.



  Dennys Castillo | Gustoso Restaurant

My restaurant provides much more than food. We provide jobs for seven people in my neighborhood, and give away our left over food to the homeless each day.



  Natalie Miniard | Hooked JC

Our guests thank us for giving them a comfortable place to meet up with good food, healthy options, and affordable prices in an underserved neighborhood.



  Jesse McBride | Mademeals

I use food as vehicle for change in society by working with local, responsible farmers and partnering with re-entry programs to hire and train formerly incarcerated individuals.


  Crystal Jones | The Cake Pound, LLC

I love to bake and I believe one must give back to one’s community! I started my business at the early age of 70, and I tell the girls I mentor in STEM that it is never too late to follow your dreams.


   Monique Johnson | Sweets 4 Miles

Inspired by my son Miles, I donate cakes and interactive cupcake boxes to terminally ill children for their birthdays, and educate minorities about donating bone marrow for transplants.


  Paula Mayers Styles | Ma Maison Gourmet Quiches


  Alexandra Sartoga | Garden Steaks

Garden Steaks uses fresh and locally sourced ingredients to make fast, casual, affordable food that people can feel good about eating.



  Juli-Anne Royes Russo | Juli-Anne’s Tropical Kitchen

We encourage of women of color in the USA and the Caribbean to improve their nutrition and eating habits by providing cooking classes, wellness workshops, and nutrition talks.