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The Start Something Challenge – Sustainability

Tatyerra Spurlock
July 20, 2018


The Impact of Sustainability Entrepreneurs 

Human life depends on the earth for its subsistence and livelihood. By supporting green initiatives,, sustainability entrepreneurs (or Eco-Entrepreneurs) are addressing serious environment and natural-resource problems.


We train and certify veterans, people with disabilities, and returning citizens for Green Workforce Development jobs within the Green Space Industries.



  Stephany Mejia | Butterfly Beauty

My holistic beauty and wellness boutique uses mindfully curated, eco-friendly products from local, female entrepreneurs. We recycle/upcycle whenever possible for minimal environmental impact.



  Tiffany Perry | BODYCCAFE

I create natural skincare products that promote healthy, beautiful skin, by limiting synthetic ingredients and purchasing from local vendors and fair trade organizations.


  Rossanna Mendoza | Bottles on the Go LLC

I created a new technology that allows parents to clean their babies’ bottles on the go; promoting health for their newborns and giving parents more freedom in their daily lives.


  Luz Mendez | Admin On the Run LLC

I donate a portion of my revenue to animal rescue organizations that help abandoned animals and reduces the stray population.



  Liza Martinez | We Compost

We host workshops for children on residential, organic food waste recycling to produce behavioral change and stimulate awareness of the need to contribute to the sustainability of our planet.


  Lanisha Frazier-Conerson | Skin Rejoice

Not only do I create nontoxic, high quality beauty products that are better for the consumer and safe for the environment, but my give-back program donates soaps to local homeless shelters.


  Melissa Buesing Glick | The Lucky Honeybee

I use domestically produced wax, ethically sourced oils, and recycled content for packaging, to keep my handmade small batch candles & apothecary goods as earth-friendly as possible.


  Java Bradley | Java’s Compost

We help people redirect their organic waste stream through composting, an actionable step that can offer immediate gratification for those who want to preserve our planet.


  Edna Rashid | NF Insulation, LLC

I want to increase the number of Newark residents in the heat and frost insulation trades, as well as the number of local businesses that commit to obtaining energy audits for their facilities