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The Start Something Challenge – Health

Tatyerra Spurlock
July 18, 2018


The Impact of Health Entrepreneurs 

Health is a key component of human development but as life expectancy continues to improve across the globe, entrepreneurs are creating avenues to access spiritual, physical, and emotional balance, which are essential for well being and quality of life.


  Vickie Hishmeh | Get Preventive LLC

8 out 10 people have back pain. We want to change that statistic by empowering people with the tools and solutions to manage pain rather than let pain manage them!


  Victor Castillo | Meddahmorphosis Healing Center LLC



  Erica Cannedy | Embracing Change Counseling Services, LLC

I am a clinician that provides mental health services to under-serviced populations experiencing change of life stressors including finances, career, and concerns with their self-image.


  Isabel Ayala | Isa Beauty Organics LLC

I develop and market high-quality, holistic, natural and organic personal care products to support women’s self-confidence and self-esteem.



  Charisse Torres | Siele Industries, LLC

I am proud to offer Memory Ties, a tool which can positively contribute to the lives of children and adults with disabilities by providing a platform to gain tying skills, which adds to their job/life activities skill set and employability.


  Elizabeth Perry | Pneumabilities

Pneumabilities is about balancing energy for wellness! My personal calling is to help clients become aware of, and be in balance with, their personal energy field and attract abundance to their lives.


  Nia Reid-Allen | Myrtle&Flossie

Motherhood can be both rewarding and challenging, so I’ve created a postpartum concierge hub; providing resources, outlet and products to help mamas navigate any stage of motherhood.


  Lorraine Ratchford | Ladybug Active, Inc.

I not only offer an array of carefully selected active and nursing bras for the busy woman, but I plan to employ women from Essex county who were recently incarcerated and live in shelters.


  Veronica Pagel | Brick City Strength Academy

We are striving to fully craft and implement a fitness and nutrition curriculum for inner city youth, to address the overwhelming childhood health crisis.



  Kareem Jeter | The Lions Den