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The Start Something Challenge – Expression

Tatyerra Spurlock
July 18, 2018


The Impact of Creative Entrepreneurs 

Expression, in its many forms, is connected to the community. It enriches the physical, economic, social, and cultural elements of a society.


  Ashley Jacklyn Carmenatty | Jacklyn Lune Photos

I focus on the importance of self-worth and the mental psyche of women by using my photography to spread hope to those with mental illnesses.



  Jerome China | Jerome China Metal Sculpture Studio

I create abstract metal artwork using found and discarded metal. Nothing starts or lasts without the arts–it is the cultural currency of any society.



  Tiffany Doyle | Kink in my C


It’s my mission to improve young women’s self esteem by educating them to properly care for their natural hair, which helps them accept their physical appearance.


  Shakera Frazier | Dessert Pixie Jewelry

Creating meaningful tribute pieces to raise awareness of issues such as autism or child loss brings me joy. If I can make someone smile while wearing my jewelry, then I’ve accomplished my mission.


  Tanisha Garner | Chozin Designs

My daughter inspired me to open my business which is named after her. I received an Ironbound Hero Award for fighting against environmental injustice in my community.


  Oniki Cole Hardtman | Oh Niki Occasions, llc

I use the connections, relationships and resources I’ve developed to create beautiful, memorable events–from head to toe, from start to finish.



  Stacey Hyatt-Dixon | StaceyRenee Designs

I create unique, eclectic, and affordable home accents at affordable prices, including my invention, the Bed Skirt Sheet Set.



  Nadine LaFond | Art Lives Studio

I give students the tools to develop sustainable practices, learn about creative entrepreneurship, find their unique voices, and innovate, because art is an active force.


  Angela Onafowora | ILÉ OLUFUNKÉ

I source handmade fabric from African artisans using fair trade practices, and work primarily with local female-owned small businesses to produce my line of African-inspired home décor.


  Crystal Warner | Lor Dour Design LLC

Designer of ready-to-wear fashions for the everyday woman. I mentor a team of students, models, and fashion designers and give them jobs as interns to learn the art of clothing design and production.