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DJ Jasmine Solano is an Artist Rising to Expand Opportunity at Rising Tide Capital’s Annual Celebration of Entrepreneurship

Esther Fraser
October 28, 2017

Inspired Artist Movement facilitates Jasmine Solano’s debut performance in Jersey City!

DJ Jasmine Solano will make her Jersey City Debut at RISE To Expand Opportunity on Nov 2 at Rising Tide Capital’s Annual Celebration of Entrepreneurship

When Rising Tide Capital was looking for music for their upcoming celebration they looked no further than the Director of their Community Business Academy, Mary Sansait. An artist and performer herself, Mary–started an organization called Inspired Artist Movement that focuses on developing entrepreneurial skills in artists of all genres.

“The first name that popped into my head was Jasmine Solano,” she said. This past September, Mary organized a Unity in Color photoshoot in Jersey City as part of a global photography series that the DJ is spearheading to promote women’s rights and intersectional feminism.

“As as artist creating global impact, Jasmine isn’t afraid to address  social issues that she is passionate about. She’s spoken about entrepreneurship and the need for artists and creatives to embrace business skills This celebration just felt like the right moment to connect her with the work we do at Rising Tide Capital.”

“We all have our ways of affecting change and inspiring communities. My path has been through music and art, most specifically this year with Unity In Color – a global photography series supporting Women’s Rights. I’m so honored to join forces with Rising Tide Capital on Nov. 2nd as we combine our worlds. Music and art have transformed lives, strengthened families, and built sustainable communities just like RTC does in business and economics. Together we cover all aspects necessary for change! Hope to see you in Jersey City on November 2.”

“From VJ-ing at MTV and HBO, to performing at a range of international music festivals and events for noteworthy brands such as Nike, Apple, Fendi, Cosmopolitan and W Hotels, Jasmine is a much sought after DJ, and we are so proud that she will be performing at our biggest event of the year,” said Mary.

If you would like to see Jasmine Solano in action in Jersey City, you can catch her on November 2 at RISE to Expand Opportunity, Rising Tide Capital’s 6th annual Celebration of Entrepreneurship.

Use the coupon code “jasmine” to attend this party with a purpose which includes an open bar, food festival and other entertainment for just $49.  Get your tickets here: