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Meet The 2018 EarthRISE 50

Esther Fraser
June 23, 2018

2018 is a pivotal year for Rising Tide Capital–a year when we are making big bets to ensure that our vision of a world transformed by the leadership of community entrepreneurs comes to life.

One of these big bets is our national collaboration around the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Earthrise, an iconic photo taken during the first manned space mission in 1968.

We have taken The Start Something Challenge, one of our largest public-facing activities, and reimagined it to highlight the Earthrise principles as championed by the astronauts of Constellation. We believe their call for longtermism, deep collaboration, and interdependence are critical elements of our mission to transform lives and communities through entrepreneurship.

The competition started with 118 applicants–our largest number to date–representing 35 cities and 12 counties in New York and New Jersey. From this initial pool, 50 entrepreneurs were selected to be our EarthRISE 50, entrepreneurs who are building strong businesses in sectors that we have identified as critical for creating thriving, local living economies: Health, Sustainability, Food, Community, and Expression.

From noon on Monday June 25, to noon on July 2, they will be listed on The Start Something Challenge website for public viewing and voting, which will account for 50 percent of their score to move on in the competition. Just 15 entrepreneurs, three from each sector will pitch at The Start Something Summit on July 24 at Saint Peter’s University.

Community leaders see challenges in their environment through an entrepreneurial lens; as potential business opportunities that can be transformative for their communities, creating a sense of abundance for all.

  • Rhonda Curry
  • Alana Renee Dismukes
  • Alison Jones
  • Hilda Mera
  • Ebrima N’Dure
  • Andrea Smith-Morgan
  • Shaikawnah Therlonge
  • Alysis Vasquez
  • Gladys Vonglahn
  • Megan Wolff

Expression, in its many forms, is connected to the community. It enriches the physical, economic, social and cultural elements of a society.

  • Ashley Jacklyn Carmenatty
  • Jerome China
  • Tiffany Doyle
  • Shakera Frazier
  • Tanisha Garner
  • Oniki Cole Hardtman
  • Stacey Hyatt-Dixon
  • Nadine LaFond Hekert
  • Angela Onafowora
  • Crystal Warner

The number of undernourished people on the planet dropped by almost half over the past two decades because Food Entrepreneurs are creating access to sufficient and nutritious food all year round.

  • Dennys Castillo
  • Abe Dickerson
  • Karla Jimenez
  • Monique Johson
  • Crystal Jones
  • Jesse McBride
  • Natalie Minard
  • Juli-Anne Royes Russo
  • Alexandra Sartoga
  • Paula Mayers Styles

Health is a key component of  human development but as life expectancy continues to improve across the globe, entrepreneurs are creating avenues to access spiritual, physical and emotional balance, which are essential for well being and quality of life.  

  • Isabel Ayala
  • Erica Cannedy
  • Victor Castillo
  • Vickie Hishmeh
  • Kareem Jeter
  • Veronica Pagel
  • Lorraine Ratchford
  • Nia Reid-Allen
  • Pamela Roundtree
  • Charisse Torres

Human life depends on the earth for our sustenance and livelihoods. By supporting green initiatives, sustainability entrepreneurs (or Eco-Entrepreneurs) are addressing serious environmental and natural-resource problems.

  • Michelle Bradley
  • Melissa Buesing Glick
  • Lanisha Frazier-Connerson
  • Liza Martinez
  • Luz Mendez
  • Rossana Mendoza
  • Stephany Mejia
  • Tiffany Perry
  • Edna Rashid
  • Joseph Robinson