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Pamela Roundtree on the Benefits of the Plan & Pitch Competition

Rachael Gambino
February 15, 2019

 Why was it so important for you to have a coach through Plan & Pitch?

I didn’t realize how important it was for me to have a coach until I sat down and got serious about writing a speech. Sure, I had written speeches before – but this one was different. This one was all about MY business. This one forced me to think about what I do, how I do it, and why I do it. And it forced me to recognize weaknesses I have and that my business has. To make matters worse, I had rules to follow and a time limit to meet.

What did you learn from your coach that you hadn’t thought of before?

The coaches kept me focused, honest, and guided me in the right direction. They let me know when I said too much or too little – they helped me trim the fat in my speech. The coaches helped me to relax and reminded me that my passion for helping those who are obese is evident and important. They gave me tips for writing and speaking. All that they did was necessary in moving me forward.

If you could see your coach today, what would say? How has your business grown since last year?

If I saw my coaches today, I would humbly say, “Thank you.”  I was and am grateful for the time the coaches took to help us, for their expertise on a variety of subjects, for the confidence they instilled in me during moments of panic, and for their candor. If I had the chance, I would tell my coaches that I have been working smart and hard, and that I have seen tremendous growth in my business since our last meeting. I know they would be genuinely happy for me.

What would you recommend to other entrepreneurs planning to participate in Plan & Pitch?

From one entrepreneur to the other, if you’re thinking about or planning to participate in the Plan and Pitch, DO IT! You will learn so much about your business – from marketing and advertising to narrowing down and appealing to your target market. The eight hours of coaching are enough to push your business forward, and this makes winning an amazing bonus, but not the only way to walk away with a prize.

Did you participate in any of the tutorials? If so, why were they helpful?

About two weeks before the Plan and Pitch Competition, Rising Tide Capital provides a Plan and Pitch tutorial for a small fee. Take it, so that you can gain a clear understanding of the Plan and Pitch process. I know I felt more prepared because of it.