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What RISE Means to a CBA Graduate

Esther Fraser
October 31, 2017

The journey to this moment on my entrepreneurial path started with a very special nonprofit organization called Rising Tide Capital. One of the many reasons that Rising Tide is special is because twice a year every year they recruit and accept ordinary people from all backgrounds into what’s known as The Community Business Academy.

In the winter/early spring of 2015, I became one of those lucky people. The 12 weeks of the Community Business Academy made me feel as though my dreams were not only possible, but that they were within close reach.

I wasn’t always the best student (my instructor Ms. La Shonda Tyree can attest to that lol), but during the CBA a seed was planted that’s allowed me to be everything that I am today.

After graduation, that seed was continuously nurtured and continues to be nurtured by Rising Tide to this very day through their Business Acceleration Services (which are made available to ALL graduates). In fact, I’m currently working one-on-one with my third Rising Tide subsidized business coach.

This Thursday evening is the time that I’m going to devote to honor Rising Tide Capital and the huge difference it’s made in my life. There will be food, drinks, networking, and a great time to be had. I’d love it if you could join me. -Ihsaan

PS. Tickets are $75, but if you use the promo code “community”, you can get them for just forty nine bucks:

Ihsaan Muhammad

IHSAAN DESIGN’s main objective is to help businesses and brands tell their story to their potential customers.

A former attorney, Ihsaan has been running his company in the current form for the last two years. Since graduating from Rising Tide Capital’s Community Business Academy, in June 2015, Ihsaan built his brand day by day, brick by brick. He recognizes that building a business is one of the most incredibly challenging, yet rewarding things a person can ever do, and considers himself to be a living testament to the fact that if someone has faith and patience, THEY CAN DO IT.

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