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The Start Something Summit-A Day in Photos

Esther Fraser
July 27, 2018

On Tuesday, July 24, Rising Tide Capital brought all of our communities together for The Start Something Summit; the finale of our 7th Annual Start Something Challenge reimagined to truly provide the Knowledge, Social and Access to Financial Capital needed to stimulate a local living economy.

The day began with our 15 Start Something Challenge Finalists getting ready to pitch head-to-head in their Sector Finals. Over the past six weeks, 118 entrants yielded an EarthRISE 50–fifty entrepreneurial leaders selected to compete in the 2018 competition for more than $30,000 in investments into their business endeavors. After a week of public voting that signaled the importance of each business endeavor to its community, and scores from a panel of six local microlenders, those 50 entrepreneurs yielded 15 entrepreneurs–three in each of five opportunity-rich sectors:



Over the past six weeks, With a $5,000 prize up for grabs in each of our 5 Sectors, three finalists   Having each met with a coach to refine their pitches at The Start Something Challenge Pitch Tutorial the week before, they seemed nervous but hyper-focused on the goal ahead of them.