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The Times They are a’Changin’

Esther Fraser
March 24, 2017

For the past five years, Rising Tide Capital has hosted the Start Something Challenge (SSC), an invitation to New Jersey’s entrepreneurs to pitch their businesses for $25,000 in cash and prizes.


When we started this program in 2012, we wanted it to be more than just a competition. As with all things we do at Rising Tide Capital, we want to build as much value as we can into the program, so that even the entrepreneurs who don’t win can still benefit for having gone through the experience.


This is why we ask aspiring and existing entrepreneurs in the SSC to create business videos using the Animoto software. We want them to learn how to use social media to promote their videos. We send tips and tools and hold trainings, because we really want the competition to be a learning experience.


And while there is certainly evidence that entrepreneurs who accept the challenge to be in the competition do learn how to communicate more effectively and confidently, this year we want to amp things up a bit, and provide even more value.


Our mission here at Rising Tide Capital is not simply to ensure that our entrepreneurs reach their full potential, but also to help them to understand the full value and impact of their businesses in their communities. So this year, we are investing more resources to ensure that we meet these goals.


Planning for, marketing, and guiding folks through the Start Something Challenge is not easy work, and it’s not made any easier by people constantly trying to find loopholes to give themselves an edge. We know there is a lot of prize money at stake, but we want to ensure that the competition is fair for everyone involved. So, there will be some changes to how we manage the administer the competition as well.


As an organization that works closely with small business owners, we know that changes in the economy, their industry, and even their personal circumstances, heavily affects how they approach their businesses and meet their business goals. And so, for 2017, we are making some changes, and practicing what we preach.   


We will talk about the changes in The 2017 Start Something Challenge on Facebook Live on April 3 at 1 PM. I hope you’ll join us to learn how we are working to make The 2017 Start Something Challenge competition more meaningful for everyone. We’re ready for change, and we hope you are too!

– Your Business Matters, You Create Impact #TSSC2017