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Esther Fraser
October 25, 2017

With more than 25 small business vendors participating in RISE to Expand Opportunity, Rising Tide Capital’s annual celebration of entrepreneurship is literally a celebration created by entrepreneurs, so that other entrepreneurs can benefit from Rising Tide Capital’s programs in 2018. This event is our vision of what a community of empowered business owners can accomplish together, and we need you, a valued member of this community, to celebrate this vision right alongside us.

Many of you have stood with us as we have identified, resourced, and grown with entrepreneurs in the communities we serve throughout Northern New Jersey over the past 14 years. Like us, you believe that their entrepreneurial energy can be harnessed and focused to create meaningful change in their communities.

We are not alone in this belief.

Yesterday, both  Rising Tide Capital  and our CEO Alfa Demmellash were featured in an Op-Ed on  titled “To rebuild American Communities, Help Them Help Themselves.” Written by Oliver Libby, who is particularly interested in the spaces and connections between entrepreneurship and the future of work, the article underscores the importance of communities owning and leading the solutions to their challenges.

As Alfa says in the article, “From access to education to nutrition and wellbeing to elder care services, entrepreneurs in these communities know where the pain points are, and generate solutions not just for themselves and their families, but for their neighbors and residents as well, creating an interdependent network of local resilience.”

Together, we are providing entrepreneurs with the tools and access they need to build their slice of the American dream, and your support in this important work, means literally the world.

Whether financial or otherwise, the results of your deep, long-term investment in our entrepreneurs speak for themselves.

Entrepreneurs who were in business when they graduated from our nationally-recognized Community Business Academy (CBA), experience a 67% average average growth in business sales, and a corresponding 49% increase in average household income within two years. Entrepreneurs who were not in business when they graduated from the CBA are starting businesses at the rate of one every three days.

Our commitment to our entrepreneurs, and to you, our supporters, is that we will continue to work with them to achieve their business goals for as long as they need us. We hope you will continue with us on this journey, and that we will see you on  November 2 at our RISE to Expand Opportunity Celebration as we celebrate the community that makes this work possible.

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